Stan Edwards
& Linda Ipanema

The Fantastic 50s Show
A tribute to the singers and songs that made the 50s so fabulous

Two notables who were present at the March 31st "One of Those Songs" show offered their opinions:

"The evening was riveting, filled with grat songs, great chemistry, and the audience demanded encore after encore. Stan and Linda deserve their own TV series."

Joe Franklin,
Noted TV & Radio Host

"Stan Edwards and Linda Ipanema reach a new height in their careers in their new show, "One of those Songs." Edwards has always been a gifted and soulful singer and Ipanema a wildly talented comedian and wonderful interpreter of songs, but they have rarely utilized what is so great about themselves together: they are a terrific team. They are opposites in personality and they complement each other marvelously in "One of Those Songs." They bring out the best in each other. There is sentiment, warmth and talent in this show; a little bit of Burns and Allen as well, although Linda Ipanema is a firecracker, not Gracie's sweet addled housewife. But love is in the air.

    "One of Those Songs' is a homage to the songs and singers of the 1950s, and it is a worthy successor to "When the Lights Go On Again," the current tribute show to the 1940s playing at The Triad. But here the structure is freer, looser and more inventive: anarchy and zaniness reign in the comedy numbers that are often brilliant parodies and orgies of slapstick. They careen far from the tight structures of standard tribute shows and break up the audience in comic frenzies.

    Edwards is in fine voice here, and he brings feeling and unexpected tenderness to songs like "Heart Of My Heart," "Play Me Hearts and Flowers," and "Here In My Heart."  He loves what he is doing. The underpinning of the show is the chemistry and interplay between this husband-and-wife team, beautifully rendered in a sexy and funny interpretation of "Teach Me Tonight," the climax of the first act. "One Of Those Songs" is far more than a mere "tribute" show to the past; it undercuts nostalgia and sentimentality with raucous comedy and irreverence, and it presents two sensational entertainers in a format that is less a trip into the past than a spotlight on the magic of two performers in the vibrant present. You won't forget "One of Those Songs."

David Evanier, author of the new novel-in-stories, "The Great Kisser" (Rager Media), "Roman Candle: The Life of Bobby Darin," "Making the Wiseguys Weep: The Jimmy Roselli Story," co-author with Joe Pantoliano of "Who's Sorry Now," and co-author with Gia Maione Prima of the forthcoming Louis Prima biography, "This Cat's Got Nine Lives." Evanier is a former editor of "The Paris Review."

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